Xbox 360 Kinect Review

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We decided to do a latest video game review of the Xbox 360 Kinect and the new games available. Nintendo's Wii Motion Plus has made the Wii a vary fun and popular game console so its no surprise that Microsoft has decided to release the Xbox Kinect.

The difference between the systems is that Microsoft's Kinect is the only one that actively integrates both voice, a camera and full-body sensing into games and the core Xbox experience. The games for the Kinect for the most part are dance and exercise games, which are not appealing to me, but the potential for military shooters and sport games is there so we will wait to see as the game developers start to release games for the Kinect . The concept is a fun gaming experince when played, the only draw back it that its expensive and if you want others to play you have to buy more remotes and games, adding to the total cost. Besides the expense, the Kinect is very responsive and one could see the potential as new games start to come out, Microsoft did a great job setting it apart from the Wii console, adding more features like the fact it can sense hands, feet, head movement and moving backwards, forwards, and side-to-side, one could only imagine playing a Call of Duty on a Xbox 360 Kinect. The most popular titles are Dance Central, Kinect Sports, Kinectimals and Kinect Adventures, hopefully with more interesting titles.

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Nokia Mobile Phones – Still All the Rage

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Nokia mobile phones. Who has not heard of them? Who does not own one? They are some of the most popular mobile phones in the world and this is mainly down to the fact that they are known for their excellent performance and stability.

In my opinion these will probably give you the best phone purchase that you could make – they are compatible with several different sizes of memory card, they are the easiest to unlock as they are the most popular phones, and they have just about the largest range of software, accessories and cables available.

Mind you, Nokia phones are the most stolen mobiles in the UK which of course speaks volumes of just how well after they really are. I mean, as concerns technology and design, these phones are some of the most fashionable, sleek and up to the minute gadgets in the market place plus they are designed to work through different parts of the globe.

Take the Nokia N95 for example. It has a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss & Tessar optics which gives crystal clear photographs and superb DVD quality video's. How do I know? I've got one and it is just superb. The display is a huge 2.6 inches with 16 million colors. And do not forget that it also has GPS on it.

Overall, Nokia phones are simply top of the list. The more recent ones are packed with features and are so incredibly easy to use, so much so, that you do not really need to read the manual.

If you're in doubt as to just how good these little gems are, then tap the name Nokia into a search engine and get some unbiased information on it's background and sales performance. You'll find just what I found – they are the people's favorite mobile phone.

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Top 5 Solitaire Card Games – Can You Play Them All?

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Solitaire, also known as Patience, frequently refers to single player card games with the goal of sorting the cards in a specific manner. Although typically a solo game, it's possible to play solitaire cooperatively or competitively (race), with more than one player.

These are five top solitaire games, played by millions of people, all around the world.

· Klondike Solitaire is a classic solitaire variant. Klondike is perhaps the most well-known solitaire game in the world, partly because it's included as a free game in major computer operating systems. Almost all card players know the rules of Klondike. Keep in mind, not all Klondike games are solvable! Playing the game involves a good deal of guesswork, and is the reason why you can not win every Klondike game you play.

· FreeCell Solitaire , invented by Paul Alfille, is a highly addictive card game. FreeCell is very skill-dependent and fun to play. Nearly all games of FreeCell can be solved with perfect play, and it is quite rare to find FreeCell deals that are unsolvable. For some people, it makes FreeCell a much more interesting game than other more popular solitaire variants, such as Klondike, where luck plays a large factor in winning the game. With FreeCell, your winning depends mostly on experience and skill.

· Pyramid Solitaire is another fun solitaire card game, with a very unique pyramid shaped opening tableau. There is a huge component of luck involved and certain techniques that can be used to significantly increase your winning chances. The goal of pyramid solitaire is to eliminate all the cards from the talon and the tableau. Cards in Pyramid are removed in pairs if the combined total is thirteen, with the exception of Kings, as they are valued as 13 on their own. You are only allowed to remove cards when they're completely invisible (ie if the whole card is exposed, with no other cards covering a portion of them).

· Spider Solitaire is also among the most popular solitaire variants in the world. Spider is often referred as the 'King of all solitaires'. It is an exciting game and must be learned like other solitaire types. At first glance, this time-consuming and challenging game looks a bit too complex. However, it is quite easy once you get the hang of it. You will find a version of Spider included in most Microsoft operating systems.

· Golf Solitaire (also known as Forty Thieves) is a challenging solitaire variant, requiring good prediction and a great deal of luck! Whilst it's not possible to win all Golf games, with enough experience and skill you can improve your chance of winning. In Golf Solitaire, Aces and Kings each have special roles.

Solitaire is a fabulous way to pass a quiet day and keep your brain thinking. Next time you find yourself at odds over what to do with your "free time", pick up a deck and start dealing!

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Game Reviews – Super Mario Galaxy For Nintendo Wii

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Super Mario is undeniably the symbol of Nintendo since the early years of Super Nintendo. The release of Nintendo Wii galaxy life to another version of Mario, the Super Mario Galaxy. Super Mario has been a name accompanied with new releases of Nintendo game consoles, and to name some they are the S. Mario Bros I, II, and III for NES, S. Mario World for SNES console, and for the N64 we had the S. Mario 64.

Compared to the early releases of this game, the Galaxy Wii is packed with mind-blowing graphics. The designs and the stages of the game are impressive and I must admit I was not able to play this game when I first saw it; I was literally shocked with its graphics and features.

Unfortunately, the story of the game is not impressive at all because it is explained very briefly. It's like a children's story placed in a great game. This is one of the flaws of SM Galaxy. The good thing about Galaxy Wii is that the game itself can stand alone even without the story. All you have to do is to rescue the princess just like every great Mario game.

Another impressive feature about this game, are the different power suits of Mario. Every suit has different skills that will help you on your way to rescue the princess. One thing I love about all the Mario games is that you can play it over and over again without getting tired of the game. I only know a few games that people are more than willing to finish more than once and one of these are the Super Mario games.

If you are looking for a great game that will allow you to spend a memorable holiday season with your family, then you definitely should try Super Mario Galaxy Wii. This is definitely a game that will make your bonding moments more fun and memorable.

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Online Games Vs Gaming Consoles

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Which one is better? There is quite a bit of competition between online games and gaming consoles that you play on your television set. It’s hard to say which one is better because it really all depends on the personal preference of the player. Still, it would be safe to say that online games are extremely popular toady.

Both ways to play games has something special to offer the gamer so let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages each of them have to offer.

Gaming Consoles:

  • The cost of some of the more modern gaming consoles are reasonably priced considering all the great features they have to offer.
  • The HD TV can greatly enhance the graphics on some of the games.
  • Once you pay for the console and the games you want to play, there is no ongoing fee each month that you have to pay.
  • They’re fast and easy to set up.
  • They can be played by gamers of all ages.
  • There are many excellent and exciting games available for these systems.
  • You can gather together with friends or family and have a game night to socialize.

The biggest downfall of the gaming consoles is the fact that updating the system is not normally an option. This means when a new system comes out with better graphics and features, you have to buy new games as well. Although, manufactures are working on this problem and the Xbox 360 is the perfect example. It was designed with backwards compatibility making it possible to continue playing many of the Xbox games with the new console.

Online Games:

  • The game options available online can’t be beat. There are literally thousands of games that you can choose from.
  • There are many free games that you can play online.
  • Many games can be downloaded to your PC for convenience.
  • Massively multiplayer online role-playing games are available which makes it possible for large groups of gamers to interact together in a virtual world. These games are fun, exciting and challenging.
  • When problems occur with online games the developers of those games can install a patch to correct the problem. Upgrades can also be made this way.
  • Some games allow you to customize your avatar to make it more personal.
  • You can interact with gamers from all over the world. You can always find someone to play with or compete against anytime day or night.
  • It’s a great way to make new friends with a common interest.
  • Online gaming offers both high quality sound and excellent graphics.

Of course, before you can play online games you do need to invest in a good computer system. Depending on the games you choose to play you will most likely need a high speed Internet connection as well. Some games require a monthly fee to participate. Another concern with online gaming is that it’s possible to become a little obsessed with the games and some people become anti-social because they spend all of their time playing these games.

When you compare online games to gaming consoles you can see that they all have good and bad issues. You have to decide which one suits your needs the best and offers the type of games that you’re the most interested in. Each person is different and what works for one, may not be suited for another. However, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy both if you have the time for lots of gaming.

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Playing Free Sony PS3 With Mobile Phones

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The PS3 is a supercomputer for computer entertainment. It has finished contours and superb graphics output which strikes any one. It is available in 20 GB, 60 GB and 80 GB versions. Each of these versions compose one of SIXAXIS controller, one composite video / stereo audio output cable, a power cable, one USB cable and one Ethernet cable.

Moreover, Sony has launched versions of PS with IPTY support as well in order to match the Internet TV demand. Some of the unique characteristics of the PS3 are as follows:

It is the first Blue-ray 2.0- compliant player ever made
It is an on-line gaming service
It uses a high definition optical disc format as its primary storage medium
It has rich multimedia capabilities
Portable connectivity with it

Now, the question is the price of the gaming consoles. In fact, there are different ways of purchasing this console at affordable prices. However, their price is influenced by the age of the game, number of games that are on sale at a given time and the popularity of the game.

Any way, if you have not yet experienced playing this game, you can get the free Sony PS3 with purchase of mobile phones under mobile deals and offers. You need not pay any extra fee or charge to enjoy this game. Some of the leading mobile phone brands like Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson etc. are offering free Sony PS3 with every purchase of any of these mobile phones. Potential customers can easily afford to purchase any of these mobile phones as they are not that costly. Considering the stiff competition in the market, almost all the mobile phone brands in the market around the aforementioned brands have come up with the Sony PS3 for free with their brand of mobile phones.

This free gaming console comes with RSX reality synthesizer graphic engine and a 3.2 GHz processor. This device works as a DVD and CD player as well. These attributes make Sony PS3 an interesting gaming gadget for the game lovers. One can listen to his favorite songs on it along relishing the videos as this equipment supports a DVD and CD player.

A player can also enjoy the beauty of the Bluetooth on the free Sony PS3 as it is loaded with Bluetooth technology as well. However, the enthusiasts can utilize the USB as well as various connections on this gaming tool.

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Punch Out! Review For Wii

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Punch out first came out for the original Nintendo console video game system. It has resurfaced now in the Wii which is far more advanced than what Nintendo was. So with all these advances, how does Punch-Out !! rank? Read this article to find out.

I was able to get a copy of the game to test out and report back.

The graphics are cool, they are much better and fun looking like the ones from the original game were. You have your wacky characters and also your tough looking ones. You have to remember that Nintendo Wii is intended for the youngger kids so it is geared towards fun instead of gore. If you are looking for gore, check out a game from PS3 or XBOX 360.

The sounds of the game are great. I have a surround system where my console is at and it was great. The bell sounds great, the spectators also have surround sound effect on it. You can hear them screaming at you, either for you or against you. Do not worry, there is no obsciencies said.

The replay factor is good. By replay factor I mean the likeliness to keep playing the game again. I found myself playing this game over and over even after I passed it from start to beginning several times. It looks like something different happens each time and it is always fun. There is a certain challenge to it on the difficulty settings. But over all, it is a real good game.

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What to Do With Your Android Tablet PC

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If you are a first-time tablet buyer, then you have a brand new toy to play with, but you might not know exactly where to begin. With so many great apps and options available, it can be overwhelming at first. However, with a few tips, you will have so much fun at your fingertips that before you know it you will find yourself running late because time will just fly by.


One of the very first things you need to consider is what type of entertainment you want on your tablet. There are numerous apps available, regardless of your tablet’s platform. You can join Netflix or Hulu and receive all of their streaming entertainment right on your tablet. Many networks and TV shows offer apps that will have behind-the-scenes clips, previews, and even full episodes of your favorite shows. If you want your own library of TV and movies, you can always buy and download digital versions of your favorites and have them available on your tablet via the hard drive or the cloud. Once you have decided upon the right apps, all you have to do is purchase and download. Do not fear if movies and television are not your entertainment of choice, as you have many other options.


One of the joys of a new tablet is stocking it up with your own library of books and magazines. Many tablets evolved from eReaders, like the Nook tablet. Therefore, it is easy to have a library of books at your fingertips. You can purchase books and have them available on the hard drive or via the cloud. Alternatively, many libraries offer eBooks on loan for free, and there are other eBook lending services available. You will have so much fun deciding what books to have on your eReader. What is more, you do not have to worry about luggage fees due to carting your entire library with you on vacation, as you can have it all right in the palm of your hand.


One of the great benefits of a tablet is that it is an all-encompassing fun machine. Not only can you have TV, movies, and books on your tablet, you can also have any type of game you want. You do not have to be a hardcore gamer to appreciate playing games on your tablet. Any new tablet owner should download at least a few free game apps to help bide the time when they are waiting somewhere. If you like word puzzles, there are crossword and scrabble options. If you like simple distractions, there are fun apps like Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Cut the Rope that are easy but addicting. For gamers, there are many options available for console-like games that you can play for hours. Once you have your tablet, you can try out many game apps, especially the free versions, to build up your arsenal.


Tablets are great for productivity as well. If you want to do more than just entertain yourself with your new tablet, it is time to look at the productivity apps. If you are going to do a lot of business, then you might want to download a document creator. If you work a lot with cloud services, you will want to download your cloud drive onto your tablet for easy access. There are so many options to make your tablet an accessory for your work. All you have to do is decide what type of work you will be doing on it and find the correct apps. Your tablet can easily be a resource for both work and play.

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Nintendo Wii Accessories – The Wings of the Wii

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The Nintendo Wii Accessories come in various shapes and sizes. Whether it be a faceplate for your remote controller, cradles and chargers, SD Memory Cards, Guitar controller and even a projector for those who want to amplify video for a truly awesome experience.

1. USB Cooling Fan for Nintendo Wii – For those gamers out there who spend hours after hours in front of your Wii, this specially-made accessory is for you. The Nintendo Wii emits more heat when power is applied on it, so proper ventilation of heat is quite necessary. The USB Cooling Fan is a simple external accessory to be plugged at the given USB port that is designed to fit at the back of the Wii console. It sucks out the hot air through the vent of the game console. Heat problems? Solved.

2. LightSabre Sword for Nintendo Wii – For those die-hard Star Wars fans out there this accessory for the Jedi Knight in combat is for you. LucasArts, the producer of the Star Wars Saga has announced that Star Wars – The Force Unleashed will be coming your way. So cloak up and ready you light sabers, the Jedi Knights are here. Slicing and thrashing their way through the game, players can utilize the light saber controller for a near-reality Jedi light saber duel. These custom-made controllers really bring the movie to reality!

3. Shield Protector for Nintendo Remote and Nunchuk Controllers – Want to get rid of crime and slime on you Wii Remote and Nunchuk? Then this Nintendo Wii accessory is just for you. Designed to be like an invisible shield, the shield protector is a set of casings that fit the form for your Wii Remote and Nunchuk. No Installation and difficult assembly necessary and has openings for the buttons for ease of operation. This accessory does not add bulk to your fingers and it comes in different colors to boot!

4. Steering Wheel for Nintendo Wii – Wanting to drive a fast car in the fast lane? This nice accessory is for you. Although the remote controller for the Wii is doing a great job in this genre of a game, hardcore gamers as well as hardcore drivers would certainly need something that resembles a real steering wheel for a more realistic gaming experience with the Nintendo Wii.

5. Contemporary Nintendo Wii Travel Case – Not wanting to leave your precious Nintendo Wii behind while you're all troop down to grandma's house? For issues of mobility, it is all solved here. This Travel Case not only ensures the protection of your Nintendo Wii while traveling but also for de-cluttering all the accessories you bought with it.

These are just a few of the many Nintendo Wii accessories you can buy to enhance your video gaming experience with your Nintendo Wii.

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