Xbox 360 Gaming Console

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Xbox is a gaming console which is used for playing the games on the LCD screen and plasma. Xbox 360 is a product introduced by Microsoft, Microsoft has released it to grab the gaming console market.

The major players in gaming are Sony PlayStation, and Xbox 360. Among the two Xbox 360 is in high demand for its productivity and the brand name, there are many games available for both gaming strings for very affordable prices, games can be bought in the promotion pack also from the stores.

You can get the discount if you buy the games pack in bulk. If you go to eBay and search for Xbox, you can find so many sellers offering at a competitive prices. You can bid and win a Xbox at a lesser than market price. Get the latest Xbox gaming console and enjoy the gaming experience.

You can watch movies on the machine, there is an option to connect it to internet and use. It is the most selling product in eBay. You can see Xbox 360 gaming bidding or buying listing in all eBay domain websites, such as,,, etc. In India sports people are used to promote the Xbox 360. Particularly cricket stars are selected to promote. The advertisement is also very attractive. And in USA there is a very big craze of using Xbox 360 gaming console. Games are played by the children as well as adults. Adults love playing racing and wrestling games and children like adventure.

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What the iPhone 4S Means for iOS Gaming

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Apple has always been known as an innovator and a forward-thinker, especially in recent years. Thanks to the success of their flagship product the iPod, the company has gone on to produce some of the most popular gadgets of all time. Take the iPhone for example, since its launch in 2007 it has taken the world by storm, and the numerous renditions of the hardware have made their way to every corner of the world. Now Apple has released the very latest addition to the iPhone family in the form of the iPhone 4S. It looks identical to the popular iPhone 4, but with plenty of extras inside. And one of the largest focuses for the new device is graphics. Apple claims that the new A5 dual-core processor is capable of delivering seven times the graphical power along with other enhancements. So what can we expect the new iPhone 4S to bring to the world of iOS gaming?

Better graphics

Let's start off with the easy one: the new hardware will be able to produce games that look significantly better than the existing iPhone. The Retina Display is still intact, so graphics will remain crisp and sharp, but now the actual visuals will get an overhaul. Developers have done a lot with the existing hardware, with games like Infinity Blade and Shadowgun being noticeable cases – so it'll be great to see what comes next. When Apple announced the iPhone 4S they showed a clip of Infinity Blade II with awesome effects that we can only dream of on the current iPhone, so who knows what other games developers can do with the new iPhone 4S.

More voice integration

The new iPhone comes with a voice-recognition system known as Siri, offering phone users an entirely new way to use their phones. They can do anything from sending a text message to making an order for truck rental, all in just a few words. It's much more than simple voice commands and it's integrated deeply within the phone's firmware. So how will Siri affect gaming? Well, there's been no official confirmation that Siri will be used within games; however if the functionality is there, why would not there be some games that use it? With Siri's first-rate voice recognition abilities there are all sorts of gameplay twists and turns developers could try out. Sure, they may not all work out, but it'd be a really interesting step for iOS gaming to take.

More developers making better games

With the focus that Apple has put on graphics with this new hardware, it's clear that they're really serious about the iPhone being a 'real' handheld gaming console. There is no doubt that developers will take inspiration from this and start to develop better and better games. Plus, if Apple continue to focus on gaming, we could see some of the big triple-A console titles making their way to the iOS platform. With plenty of controller peripherals in the works for the iPhone and iPad, these games will not even be limited to just touch screen controls anymore – and let's not forget about the potential of voice control!

The future of iOS gaming

So does the iPhone 4S mark the beginning of something special for iOS gaming? Well, we certainly think so. Apple has created the most powerful smartphone ever and given it boring edge tech with which to create better graphics, smoother gameplay, and more possibilities. We can only assume that Apple will continue this trend with the next rendition of the iPhone, and of course, the iPad and iPod Touch too. The entire family of Apple products is likely to grow to allow for more games to be played and to give players more ways to enjoy them. With companies like Nintendo opening the door to gaming for all, it would not be at all surprising to see Apple using the success of their products to make them credible gaming devices. At the moment many people look at them simply as phones, tablets and MP3 players – but they have so much more potential, especially in the gaming market and we could not be more excited to discover what Apple will do with them next.

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How to Pimp Your Nintendo DS

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YOU just bought a new Nintendo DS. You can’t wait to start playing it. But, once you put it down, you realize that pretty as it is with a wider range of colors to pick with, it’s just plain simple. You could not even tell it apart from your friends’. So how could you make it your adorable, one of a kind Nintendo DS?

Apparently, the answer is simple: pimp up your Nintendo DS case. There are limitless options on how you could do it, ranging from simple accessorizing to taking apart your Nintendo DS case, not that you can’t do them.

Here are a few tips:

  • Personal look
    The easiest and the cheapest way to dress up your Nintendo DS case is: add something onto them! You could use anything ranging from simple stickers, 3D stickers, window paints, temp tattoos, straps, ribbons, laces, feathers, photos, flags, to 3D objects which you can lay your hand on and represent yourself.
    Just make sure that they won’t fall off / peel off / be knocked off easily and neither would they be getting in the way when you’re playing your DS.
  • Decorative look
    The same cover sticker for laptop is now available for Nintendo DS case, inside out. You even get to do the design. Don’t know where to order them? Simply Google away.
  • Soft furry look
    Velvet or any other furry cloths are great to give a new look for your DS. But since these materials may come in a budget, leftovers are preferable. In fact, if you got two or more tiny leftovers, you could combine them together and create a whole new design!!
  • Matte look
    Give your Nintendo DS case an even covering of matte spray. This would make your DS looks more textured, and keeps your fingerprints off the case. Nice huh?
  • Bedazzled look
    Do you know that tiny beads that are sold for nail art or as cell phone stickers? Why not use them for your Nintendo DS case? It may be stressing to glue them one by one, but on the bright side, you’ll get to design the outcome and make up a flashy Nintendo DS to die for. The perfect look for crafty girls.
  • Neon sign look
    If you’re familiar with electro-stuffs, why not use the skill to dress your Nintendo DS case? LED is a nice start.
  • Two/Multi-colored look

For this look, you need to trade parts with your friends. Hey, let them have their own unique DS too. Gently take apart your DS, and swap the parts. You could always goggle how to dissemble a Nintendo DS case.

Warning!! For safety reason, you better get an expert to do this because you’re voiding your warrant by doing this.

There you have it. Now you won’t have to worry your DS got switched up with others’. Everyone else would be busy noticing your unique Nintendo DS instead. Come on, give it a try!

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Final Fight iOS Game Review

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Final Fight was first released 21 years ago by Capcom. It was a massive hit in arcade gaming and poured money into Capcom coffers like water. In all western countries Final Fight was the next best thing since sliced ​​bread and won a massive amount of rewards for Capcom who smoked all the way to the bank. Now Capcom has released an iOS which is pretty much based on its predecessor of yesteryear.

There are six stages to complete. The Mad Gear Gang is at it again and the arcade action is just as exciting as ever. You will kill a lot of enemies and enjoy every bit of it. If you played the first game, then you will remember the excitement that rushed through your veins. But how many old gamers are still around? For the new crowd Final Fight will seem like a new release and the game can not depend on its predecessor for glory. Six stages are not much and the lack of content is disappointing. It takes about an hour and a half to complete the entire game. This means you will be playing it over and over trying to improve your scores. Sometimes the game will become mundane and boring and within a week it will be forgotten never to resurface again. This is no way for a classic to die. Capcom could have included a lot more stages and added many more thrills to the game.

Final Fight is a fabulous fighting game and beating the bad guys makes you seem like a hero. The first edition 21 years ago was never the best arcade fighting game, but its sheer gameplay and fabulous story made it a sure winner. The new one follows closely on its heels, but lacks depth and content that will only disappoint eager gamers. This is a serious flaw and only old timers who enjoyed the very first edition will want to relive the past and give Final Fight another look and may not mind the limited content. New gamers will simply toss it aside without a second thought. There are plenty of other fighting arcade games with a lot more content and endless levels that give you more fun for your buck.

Regardless of the restricted content in Final Fight iOS, the controls are smooth and easy to use. The graphics and artwork are of high quality and the look and feel of the game is beautiful. Battle Circuit and Captain Commando also released by Capcom are another two games very similar to Final Fight but they are enriched with special features and content that makes them far more lucrative than Final Fight.

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Flash Games – 10 Ways To Make Money From Creating Them!

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If you like creating flash games for fun or as a hobby, why not make money out of it? I have made a few flash games and I thought why not make money out of them. So I did! I will tell you 10 ways to make money out of them in this article.

First of all, the software you use to make games is Adobe Flash. It does cost quite a bit but is worth every penny if you know how to maximise it to its full extent. You can look for tutorials on other websites to learn how to make games such as Flashkit. On my website, I release video tutorials on how to do something in flash, every once in a while so check that out sometimes.

All right now to get down to business, the scenario is you have made a great flash game that you want to make money from.

1. You could get the game sponsored by another games website. This means that the other website will pay you money in exchange for putting their logos and links in the game. You might be thinking why would they do that, well it’s because people who played the game might go on their website through a link and so the other website could earn money from ad revenue or other means. The amount you get paid depends on how good the game is so it could range from $50 – $2000+. Different websites pay different sums of money, their website usually contains information on how much they pay. Some sponsors are ArmorGames, CrazyMonkeyGames and FlashRage. This way is a definite way of getting some money for your hard work.

2. If you have your own website, then in your game, link to your website so you get traffic to your website after you have submitted to some game portals like Newgrounds. On your own website put some advertisements on so when visitors come from through the game, they might click on ads earning you more money.

3. On your game you can put advertisements from Mochi ads in so each time a player plays the game, you earn ad revenue. Mochi ads are The World’s First Ad Network for Casual Games and right now they are accepting only some developers so you can apply now and get in line. Even, if your game is placed on other websites, the ads still show so you still get money.

4. Some games websites offer contests and prizes for the best submitted games such as Newgrounds. Check them out every once in a while for new contests. This way usually offers a higher amount of money (depends on the contest hosting by the website) than sponsoring a game, however, if you don’t win you might not get any money.

5. Some websites also offer some of the ad revenue from their website if you submit the game to them. This is a great way to get some cash for your game. Some websites that offer this are GameGum.

6. If the game is played a lot by many players, then some websites will pay you quite a lot of money for a non-exclusive license, which means they put their logo on the game but unlike sponsoring, the copy of the game is only allowed to display on their website so you can sell a lot of non-exclusive licenses if the game is good enough.

7. If the game is extremely brilliant and is played a lot, then you could win some awards for the game and get some cash with the awards. If you win one award then your game will be taken into account for other awards as well.

8. If you win some awards, then people will notice especially big game companies and they might ask you to make games for them on a contract basis or getting paid for every game you create. You might even be asked to make console games!

9. The game, if it gets enough awards and lots of people notice it, it could be turned into a console game and you would earn a lot of money through that, however this can only be turned into a reality with an extremely good game that has the potential to be turned into a console game.

10. You could make a demo version of the game and if people want to play the full version, they have to buy it. This could make a lot of money as if players like the game, they will buy it and you can sell the game as many times as you want making a lot of money.

I hope you take some useful information from this article. Now that was 10 ways to make money from flash games and there are many more in the world, go and discover them!

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How to Connect Your PlayStation 2 Console to the Internet

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There are few basic requirement before you wish to connect your PlayStation 2 console to the internet:

1. Sign up for an internet service provider package.

2. Have a network adapter

3. Have a dial up modem / ADSL Router

The Network Adaptor available in North America does include a 56k built-in analog modem, and most internet service provider has include a modem or router in their package.

4. A PlayStation 2 Memory Card with about 150k space available to install the Network Adaptor drivers and software and save your internet connection settings.

The Network Adapter is a peripheral required to allow your PlayStation 2 online. The adapter has a built-in V90 modem and 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet interface for broadband connection where you can plug your ADSL or Cable modem.

A. Network Adapter fits into the port on the back of your PS2, and all you need is a nickel or a common screwdriver to plug in the adapter.

After this simple operation, you just have to install the drivers and the software (included in the package with the Adapter) on your Memory Card.

B. I have a broadband connection. Where do I connect the Adapter?

You just have to connect the Network Adapter to the Cable or ADSL modem you currently use with your PC.

C. I have a dial up 56k modem. Where do I connect my Network Adapter?

The network Adapter comes with a built-in 56k modem. You just have to plug your phone line into the right port.

D. Can I use my USB (narrowband/broadband) modem to play online with my PlayStation 2 console?

Since the Network Adapter doesn’t have a USB port, this is a question that most gamers asked. Using your USB modem to play with your PlayStation 2 is certainly possible, also with PlayOnline games and services (even if, strangely, PlayOnline website gives a negative answer to this question), but you can’t connect it straightly to the USB connection on the front of the console.

To connect your USB modem to the PlayStation 2, the best solution is leaving the modem connected to your PC, and then setup an Internet Connection Sharing connection between the PC and the PlayStation 2. To do this, you will need:

1. USB Modem with USB device cable

2. Windows 98 or higher installed on your PC

3. 1 available Ethernet Card on your PC

4. One Cat5 twisted pair straight cable

If you don’t have an Ethernet card on your PC, you can purchase one for a few dollars. Once you have everything, setting up an ICS connection is easy.

First of all, you must have your USB modem properly installed and configured on your PC. Now, enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on your PC – if you are not exactly an expert PC user, detailed directions to install ICS can be found on Microsoft’s official website.

Now connect your PlayStation 2 to your computer, plugging one end of the Cat5 cable into the PC’s Ethernet Card, and the other end into the PlayStation 2’s Ethernet port. Activate the connection on your PC, then insert the Network Adapter start-up disk onto your PlayStation 2 and simply configure your PlayStation 2 for a broadband connection.

G. Can I use my Internet Service Provider in order to make my PlayStation 2 Online?

The Network Adapter includes software to connect to the most popular Internet service providers. And if yours is not included in the list, you will simply have to configure the software to connect to your provider.

It’s easy as 1-2-3. Anyhow, keep in mind that if you have problems with your Internet Service Provider even when browsing the Internet on your PC, you will have the same problems with your PlayStation 2 as well.

The quality of the service offered by your local provider is essential for a great online gaming experience. If you are choosing a new ISP, it might be a good idea to give them a call and ask if their services are compatible with PlayStation 2 online games.

H. I’ve heard that online gaming is expensive. Is it true?

Nope. There are no fees to play most of the online games available for PlayStation 2 Online. Popular games like SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals, SOCOM II, The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King, Madden NFL 2004 are playable for free 🙂

So far, it seems that only Massive Multiplayer Online Games like Final Fantasy XI or Everquest will need a monthly fee to be played, fees necessary to maintain the powerful servers required to run these games.

An additional cost to play online games derives from the Hard Disk Drive (HDD), which became available in March 2004 in North America at a suggested retail price of $99.

Finally, you have to add the cost of your Internet Service Provider, but you should already be paying for this, isn’t it ?

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Onlive – The Newest Video Game Console

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During the Game Developers Conference in March 2009, a gigantic announcement was made. A new video game console was going to be released, however, this console system will be much different than those previously released. This system would be known as Onlive. Onlive may seem like an average video game console, however, there is one difference that sets it apart. Every game for the system will be streamed through the internet; the days of buying physical video games may be over forever. Another interesting feature about the console is that you need a Windows compatible PC or Mac to use the console, however, the computer does not have to be a powerfully computer at all. Any computer that has video playback should be usable with the Onlive.

Many will wonder how the graphics will look on a console that is 100% dependent on the internet? If you have a very fast internet connection, your graphics will be fantastic. However, if your internet speed is not very fast, the game will not be as good looking. The minimum requirements is you need at least a DSL connection or cable connection with 1.5 mbps speed or faster. If you want to have HD quality, you need to have at least 5.0 mbps speed or faster. The number of video game companies on board with Onlive is also very impressive. Some of them include Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Warner Brothers, Eidos, and Atari. Onlive will not be released until the summer of 2009.

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Play, Win And Enjoy – Is There More To Online Games?

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The point of participating in any game is to play the game, win if possible and definitely enjoy the whole experience. This is something most online games do manage to deliver as long as they offer an amiable and safe gaming environment. However with people increasingly spending more time online playing games the question that comes up is there more to these online games than just playing, winning and enjoying?

Well, here are a few facts that you may not know about online games:

You can play for money: When you play online and are consistently winning games, you may wonder what is the motivation for you to keep playing. The fact is that sites that host games of skill like Indian rummy, offer you the option to play for cash. The best part is, it is totally legal in most states of our country. Now you can enjoy the benefit of earning extra income while playing your favorite game.

You can interact with the rest of the country: You may imagine that playing a game like Online Indian Rummy can be a pretty lonesome pursuit. However the truth is far from that; you can and should interact with other players as you play. This way you are not only playing with the rest of the country but you are also interacting with them. This will help broaden your social and cultural horizons.

You have the option to earn by referrals: If you thinking winning cash while playing rummy is limited to just the game, you are grossly mistaken. Many reputed sites offer you attractive incentives to invite your friends to play at their site. This way you are sharing your joy and pleasure with your social circle while earning a referral fee. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

You are entitled to play free if you wish to: Most reputed sites do not force you to play for cash. You can and should continue using the option to play free games till such time you are comfortable with playing rummy online games and confident of your skills to play for cash.

As you can see playing online games goes beyond mere playing and winning; it can translate to real rewards and benefits. Rewards not only in terms of tangible items like cash or other gifts but also expansion of your social horizons.

Having said that, here are a few precautions that you should take while playing online games like Indian rummy:

  • Ensure that the website does not demand details like bank passwords, ATM pins etc
  • Make sure that the site has adequate security measures to ensure quick and worry-free cash transactions
  • Look for and register with a site that is backed by a great customer service staff
  • When you are interacting with someone new for the very first time, do not reveal any personal details
  • If at any time you find the interaction between players unsavory or unacceptable, lodge a formal protest with the site hosting the game
  • Always ensure that you do not coordinate with any player to win the game unfairly. These things are monitored by the site and you will face a lifetime ban from the site.
  • Always follow the principles of prudent gambling – that is never to play with money allocated for essentials, to ensure great gaming.

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