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How Much of a Console Fanatic Are You? A Wii, Ps3 Or Xbox 360 Fanatic?

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Where do I start with this article? I could reel off facts and figures about surveys of so called fanatics. But no I will not do that. Let's just get down to it shall we.

Console fanatics, and it could be Nintendo Wii, ps3, xbox 360 or any of the others of course, do they really exist? You bet your life they do. And not only do they exist, but it's very likely there's one living not too far from you.

If you think a console fanatic is a person (not a kid necessarily) who plays on their console for five hours per night, then man you is not even close! That person plays a lot, thats for sure – but he or she is no fanatic.

Ok, I think a definition would be appropriate here – a fanatic is someone who literally does not want to do anything else except immerse himself in his activity. The essentials for life, actually eating and drinking, are transported out at the same time the fanatic's activity is carried out. That, I think just about sums up a fanatic.

I am not one by the way. The worst case of a console fanatic that I have come across is one I saw only last week in a photograph. Now, in this photograph, the person was absent at the time but the "room" had bare breeze block walls – unpainted. On one wall was a dirty boiler heater and on another wall was a photo of a young boy of 13 or 14 years old. On the floor was a blanket to sit or lie on with cushions at one end and the console and tv at the other. On the floor was an empty bag of crisps and 2 empty crates.

The room really looked like an empty basement type of room – you know, dark and dingy – in a disused factory or something similar.

The person in that room obviously only lived for his console and games – absolutely nothing else!

That, my friends, is an example of a console fanatic.

Source by John Milligan

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