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iPod Touch 4th Generation With Camera

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Apple has introduced the touch screen version of the iPod known as the iPod Touch, which is basically not only a media player that is portable but also a mini gaming console for all the game freaks out there. It can also run all wireless internet applications, otherwise known as Wi-Fi apps and at the same time be your very own personal assistant who can help you schedule and plan your entire day. The ability to run wireless internet on the device, now allows its users to download music, games and thousands on apps available on iStore and iTunes directly onto the device via the internet. You do not need to connect the device via its USB port to your laptop or computer to download songs to your iTouch.

Now you can directly download and add songs to your iTunes library via this amazing feature. This product is an updated and enhanced version of the classic iPods, and adds a unique graphical touch user interface to the iPod. The iPod Touch has been designed by Apple Inc and has been marketed and distributed throughout the world by this company alone. The software that runs on all the Apple products ie iPads, iPods and iPhones is the iOS. From its first model and product, the software has been upgraded and with every new model upgrade this software is also upgraded. The latest software version that has been released in the market is the iOS5 and the new 4th generation iPod Touch supports this software.

This software includes many new features and applications such as notifications features and reminders and messaging. Moreover, this new software update also has voiceover applications such as Siri, automatic regular wireless updates directly onto your iTouch or iPhone and iMessage apps. The new fourth generation iTouch was released on the 1st of September, 2010 and has been gaining popularity over the years. The device has a A-4 processor, the best of its kind and it has amazing HD retina display that provides you with the ultimate video making and gaming experience. The new fourth generation iPod Touch is a mere 7.2 mm thin, which is the perfect measurement for your fingers and hands.

Another feature that has been added into the fourth generation iPod Touch is the front camera. This feature was not available in the previous models which inhibited video conferencing applications to provide the ultimate experience. However, with the new front camera users can enjoy face time video conferencing through applications such as Skype. The price range for the fourth generation iPod Touch starts from somewhere around $ 229 for 8 GB memory and goes up as the memory aspect increases. This electronic device is available in 32 GB and 64 GB and prices vary in all these ranges. Previously the fourth generation iPod Touch was launched in black color but now you can also purchase this amazing product in white! Including all of these improvements many efforts have been made to increase the battery life of the product, since previously complains have been made by many users regarding the amount of battery life all apple products provide. The device has been claimed to run for up to 40 hours on audio and 7 hours while running video applications.

Neverheless with all of the amazing features this device has, it is certainly worth the investment. Believe me when I say that you will not be disappointed by this device's results.

Source by Jian Mu

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